I own 2 x Pioneer CDJ100s, a Pioneer DJM300 mixer and a Citronic PD1 deck. I do get quite a few tracks on promo so am pretty clued up on what's what. The bulk of my tunes are in MP3 format, but I get the odd promo vinyl. With MP3 being the 'in thing' I also use some virtual DJ equipment, via VirtualDJ; very good bearing in mind it is free. I use this more than my decks, which to be honest are quite old; but do the job!

My fave music is the pure eupohric trance type, lots of feeling and passon. I love so many different artists and labels too many to mention as it changes year on year. If the track has a good beat and that uplifting feeling, then I'll like it.

I originally started out many years ago with Hip Hop (the classic 80s Electro, not the trash now), then onto House and Acid then finally dance music. Quite a few of my CD's are replacements for my vinyl, but I still have a very healthy supply of vinyl covering the 80s and early 90s. I recently spent almost a year converting all my fave stuff to MP3; I loved it.

At last count I had a few thousand CD's, although most of these are now in boxes as I haven't the room!

Trance World started properly in Nov 2002. Originally the site ran out of my first ever website, brucieboy.com, but because I had so many tunes and samples I ran out of webspace. I also wanted to convert the site to run on a PHP / MySQL setup, so it was at this time I changed my hosting to be done 'properly'.

The idea is to share what I love. I don't like pages with lots of graphics, just plain and simple which is hopefully what I have created. So, if you like what I've done; please come back again.

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