Headstrong HQ
Headstrong-HQ - A monster site of all things dance. Not only does the owner make his own tunes, but he's also signed up to Matt Darey's label and mega DJs are playing his tunes. Free MP3 downloads, plus some excellent MegaStar DJ mixes, all free.
Equilibrium - A friend of mine takes the time to create his own tunes and to be honest, they are bloody good. Check his site out for FREE downloads of some of his tracks in glorious MP3.
Club Lounge Radio
Club Lounge Radio - Broadcasting 24 hours a day progressive Trance / House, Goa / Psi and chillout music. Have a look, tune in, check out and enjoy !
Visit the Trance Podium Website
Trance Podium - News from around the world for all you trance fans. Check out the forums as well for even more info.
Visit Trance Sound
Trance Sound - A new trance experience. Pictures, downloads. the latest news and a place to chat with other trance heads. A neat and well designed site.
TrackLists - Your daily dose of music news, podcasts, reviews and contests ! A well presented and up-to-date music devoted web site.
Hard Candy
Hard Candy - Like PsyTrance and want to share your love with others ? Look no further ...
Xtinct - If you are looking for any old skool mixes (for purchase), flyers or forums for the older tunes then check this site out
DNB Space
DNB Space - This is a well put together site. Simple, but effective. If you like your Drum and Bass this offers a community of like minded people, plus everyone's fave of a few downloads.
visit the i:vibes site
I:Vibes - A brilliant looking site full of information for all your dance and trance needs. Your guide to electronic dance music.
Visit Discogs
Discogs - An amazing collection of music, compiled by us the collectors. If a record exists, it will be here. Stats for artists, labels, everything. Truly amazing.
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